Make Template

Instructions For Making A Custom Template
Materials needed: One Piece of saran wrap or plastic wrap, clear tape about 1/2 inch wide

Place plastic wrap 16"x16" over the balding area over lapping the hair line and forehead about 3 inches. Tape the plastic wrap to the face and back of head to hold in place. Perimiter taping around the forehead just above the eyebrows and around the back of head and back to the eye brows is best.

Across the head place strips of tape across the plastic wrap side by side over lapping the hair line and forehead by at least one inch. Make another layer in the opposite direction from forehead to back of head side by side over lapping at least one inch. (AS SHOWN IN PHOTO)

Using a magic marker trace around the template the outline of the balding area and the forehead. Mark the direction you want the hair to lay. Show part if any or leave blank for free style. The forehead line should start three or four fingers above the eye brows in a curve shape(Refer to Photo).

Place another layer of tape across the template in the opposite direction as the last. You should be able to see the magic marking through the this layer of tape.

Carefully remove the template from your head and cut with scissor the magicmarking you made around the perimeter. The template should look similar to the photo shown here.

Congratulations! You have just made a template for you new Custome Made Hair System. Mail your template and your hair sample to: Hair Life India , 90/A, Manicktala Main Road Calcutta-700054.